European Winner Show 2006

The European Winner 2006 show was held in Helsinki, Finland from the 8th to the 11th of June. Every dog that goes BOB at this show will get the title "EW-06", ant the winners of the Junior class gets the title "EJW-06".

Since this is an International show, the best dog and the best bitch can also get an international certificate (CACIB) at this show, to eventually become an international champion. Four CACIBs are needed for the title, and they need to be won under minimum 3 different judges, in 3 different countries, and there needs to be a minimum time span between the first and the last CACIB of 1 year and 1 day.

The entry:
Salt and pepper: dogs (44), bitches (45)
Black and silver: dogs (37), bitches (45)
Black: dogs (30), bitches (31)
White: dogs (15), bitches (17)

The judging was spread out in different rings in different halls, so I did unfortunately only get pictures from the salt and pepper judging

Champion dog class
This shows the champion dog class after a few had been thrown out with less than 'Excellent'

All winners of the 4 dog classes
The winners of the 4 dog classes
From left to right: Junior winner (9 - 18 months): Trixer Imperio (Larifem Frenis Kavaler - Trixer Rabarber), intermediate winner (15 -24 months): Schnauzer-Huset Romano (Wellingley What About It - Helar's Napa Valley), open class winner (older than 15 months): Motown's keep on running(Destino Del Berrocal - Motown's Abba), and championclass winner (champion and older than 15 months): Chelines Piggy-Man (Chelines Super-Man - Chelines Little-Arry).

Best miniature schnauzer male
Best male was from the open class: Swedish Ch Motown's Keep on Running (Destino Del Berrocal - Motown's Abba)

Junior class winner
The winner of the Junior bitch class: Cappaswaan Ah Meybelin (Catapult Rezlark - Mihan Mini Maschenka)

Intermediate class winner
The winner of the Intermediate bitch class: For Fun Rezlark (Bowsers Flying High - Utopia Rezlark)

Open class
The Open bitch class

Winner of Open class
Winner of the Open bitch class: Ger Hip Titl Shain (Mikes Uti Trooper - Ger Hip Adgent Perl)

Champion class
The Champion bitch class

Examination of miniature schnauzer
Examination and critique writing

Champion class winner
Winner of the Champion bitch class: Am Ch Repitition's Cavalleria Rusticana (Ch Reptition's Turbo Charged - Repitition's Trumph This)

The winners of the 4 bitch classes
The winners of the 4 bitch classes competing for the certificate and best bitch

Best of Oposite
Best bitch: Ger Hip Titl Shain (Mikes Uti Trooper - Ger Hip Adgent Perl) from Russia

Best of Breed and European Winner 2006
Best of breed and European Winner 2006: Swedish Ch Motown's Keep on Running (Destino Del Berrocal - Motown's Abba)

BOB Veteran
BOB Veteran: 9 year old INT & NORD & FIN UCH WW-02 Mac Link's Rockers Delight (Multi Ch Unique v.d. Havenstad - Multi Ch. Motown's Rock Olga) and BOS Veteran: 8 year old FIN & S & EST & RUS & LV & BLR MVA FINSg Trixer Zacharias (Lv & Fin Mva Dinamunde Aiskrim - Fin & Est Mva Trixer Roadrunner)

Group finals
Group Finals

In most of the European countries the schnauzers and pinschers are all gathered in the same club: affen- miniature- and standard pincher, miniature- standard- and giant schnauzer. All the breeds are also shown in the same group (including the Doberman): The Schnauzer Pinschers, Molosses and Sennen dogs. Quite a large and non-uniform group that contains over 50 breeds all together (St. Bernard, Bernese Mountain Dog, all the Mastiffs, Black Russian Terrier, English Bulldog, Great Dane, Newfoundland, Boxer, Rottweiler, just to mention a few).

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