The Finish Schnauzer Pinscher Club Specialty June 10th, 2006
Tails l Show Results

The Finish Schnauzer Pinscher club had their specialty in Helsinki Saturday the 10th of June, the day before the European Winner show, and the entry was as follows:
Salt and pepper: dogs (26), bitches (37)
Black and silver: dogs (32), bitches (37)
Black: dogs (25), bitches (31)
White: dogs (11), bitches (12)

The show was held outdoors and the weather was perfect: sunny but not too hot. Every breed was being judged in a separate ring.

Black miniature schnauzer being judged

All the color varieties are considered separate breeds, and in most european countries it is forbidden to breed one color to another (it is allowed in Sweden).

The judge has told the class to move around the ring, and she pulls her class winners into the center of the ring while the other contestants keep moving

Sparring is not practiced. However you need to be in decent shape because most of the judges will require the dogs to be moved for long times at the time. Some judges will tell the whole class to start moving around and around the ring, and everyone has to keep going until the judge stops them.

White miniature schnauzer being judged. The white miniature schnauzer is a recognized breed by the FCI.

Every dog gets a written critique dictated by the judge. It systematically talks about the dog's features from head to tail and states what the judge likes and dislikes about it. Most judges also comment on how well the dog is presented.
The lady in the tent on the left is writing down what the judge dictates about the dog on the table.
Every dog is compared to the breed standard and given an "Excellent" (pink ribbon), "Very good"(red ribbon), "Good"(blue ribbon), "Satisfactory"(yellow ribbon), "Disqualified"(gray ribbon), or "Cannot be judged"(brown ribbon) - depending on the quality of the dog. Then all dogs with "Excellent" or "Good" is called back in the ring and the four best ones are placed.
There is no Best of Breed class, but there is a Champion class for each sex. The winner of each class comes back into the ring and competes for the certificate and best dog/bitch. All the dogs including champions are judged first, and then all the bitches. Finally the best dog and the best bitch is called back into the ring to compete for Best of Breed.
3 certificates are needed to get the championship, and at least one certificate has to be won after the age of 2. Theoretically a dog can become a champion without ever having to beat another dog, because there is no point calculations towards the championship.
Once a champion, you cannot win any more certificates in the country where you have your championship.

After each show the exhibitors tend to compare critiques to figure out why the judging went the way it did.

The small tents in the background belongs to the exhibitors, they bring them to outdoor shows and use them to prepare the dogs for the ring.

Exhibitors relaxing outside of their tent before they start showing

The atmosphere is very relaxed and most of the exhibitors have given their dog a bath in the morning at home before leaving, so there is no noise from generators at the show grounds.
There are practically no professional handlers in Europe, so all the dogs are either owner-handled or breeder-handled. Everyone is dressed casually and usually they will bring chairs and food and make it kind of a combined dog show and picnic event.

I didn't see any grooming arms at the show!

Hardly anyone uses grooming arms. Chalk, color, hair spray or any kind of Ďforeign substancesí are strictly forbidden. If an exhibitor files a claim against another contestant, 3 hair samples will be taken from the questioned dog and sent to a laboratory for analysis. If any die or other foreign substances are found, the owner can be excluded from showing for years.

Two contestants waiting for their turn...

Miniature schnauzer with russian hairdo.

Yes, this is a white miniature schnauzer!


Cropping and docking is forbidden in Finland. All dogs at the specialty show had to have natural tails and ears, unless the dog was born before 2001 when the ban was executed.

It has never been bred for a uniform look at the tails and the breed standard simply sais 'undocked'. The tails come out in all kinds of different shapes, length, and styles.

Here is another variety of the undocked tail.

The BOB at Crufts 2006 had a natural tail


Pepper and salt best of opposite on the left: Ch AlertCharm Yudgin (Multi Ch Zarlino v.d. Tombola - RUs & Blr Ch Alert Charm May Queen) and BOB on the right: Ch. Greypix's Mysterious Narrative (SV-02 Adamis Nordic Destination - Int & Nord UCh NV-00 AmstW-00 Arbeybuffels Missed Me Bye)

Black and silver BOB on the left: Morgensilber Brand New Nontoxic (Int & Rom & Am & Hu & Yu & Can & Pl & Dk Ch Enjoy's Phantom Of The Opera - Est Ch EstJCh LtuJCh ISPUJSg EstV JJSg Piper-Sunner v.d'n Oppasser) and best of oposite sex: Fixus Three Wishes (S Uch Fixus All I Want - S & Fin Uch FinV-00 SV-00,03 Yankee Girl v.d. Havenstad)

Black BOB: INT & PL & RUS & LTU & LV & LTU & EST & S & FIN Ch Lucky Lee Rezlark (Int Ch X-Magicman v.d. Havenstad - Int Ch Vinessa v.d. Havenstad ) BOS: FIN & SUCH Fixus Vice Versa (Ch Fixus Toyboy - Ch Yankee Girl v.d. Havenstad)

White BOB on the left: ÷STJCh ÷STJSg VDHBJSg VDHEUJSg VDHJCh BJSg KBJSg Esprit in White v. Hella-Hof (EuW-05 WW-05 Star's Of White Night Versace - Rus & VDH & Lux Ch EuSg-05 EuJSg-03 ISPU-JSg-03 ISPUSg-04 KBSg ÷JCh ÷BJSg-03 Lux & Hu & Cr & ÷ JCh Pl & Cr & Slo KBSg HSPK-KBSg HUJJSg HuJSg Matraszepe Hasta La Vista) and Best oposite sex on the right: RUS & VDH & LUX Ch EUSg-05 EUJSg-03 ISPU-JSg-03 ISPUSg-04 KBSg ÷JCh ÷BJSg-03 LUX & HU & CR & ÷ JCh PL & CR & SLO KBSg HSPK-KBSg HUJJSg HUJSg Matraszepe Hasta La Vista ( Ch Made In Spain Chinchon - Int & Rus & Ltu & Est & Fin & Lux Ch Heather v.d. Spikke)
As you can see, some exhibitors just loves to collect titles!

All four BOB winners in the finals. The white miniature schnauzer ended up with a BIS 2, the others where not placed

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