This is Libby. She has just come back from the pet groomer. The way her head is shaped gives you the impression of an hour glass, not rectangular like the breed standard calls for.

1. Way too much hair has been taken away from under the eyes.

2. When you shape the beard below the eyes, keep the scissors parallell with the edges of the scull in the corner of the eye, and point the scissors downwards, not inwards under the eyes.

3. This is what it should look like. Keep in mind that the Miniature Schnauzer head is described as “Rectangular” in the breedstandard.

4. The eyebrows on the Miniature Schnauzers is part of what makes the breed so caracteristic. The brows should not stick outside the sides of the scull.

Take a slicker brush and brush the right brow forward and to the right, and the left one forward and to the left.

5. Position your scissors in the outer corner of the eye and cut straight forward, plarallell with the sides of the scull.

The finished result! Libby now has her tuff, ‘down-the-nose’ schnauzer look!