Remembering Spiffy – Mother Of Champions 09/19/2004 – 06/08/2020

09/19/2004 – 06/08/2020

Friends of Axcium Miniature Schnauzers, we invite you to honor the life of one of our legends, Axcium’s Sweet Polly Purebred, or as we called her, Spiffy.

A shining example of our beloved breed, she lived her life with spark, and her spirit lives on in her children and grandchildren.

From the beginning, she was something special.

She won Best of Breed from the puppy class at six months of age. Soon after, she won a 5 point major at the Dallas Specialty in ‘06, and finished with 17 points.

Then, Spiffy went on to have four litters. Her children would go on to become champions all over the world.

In her first litter, she had Axcium’s American Idol, who went to Finland where he became an influential Sire in all of Scandinavia with 23 champions and 12 international champion offspring.

International, Baltic, Finnish, Swedish, Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian Champion, FinnSieger, Estonian Junior Winner-08 Axcium’s American Idol – “Sisu”

In her second litter, she bestowed us with two champions. Her pup, Axcium’s Fabulosity, grew up to become the first Grand Champion with uncropped ears. Her brother, Axcium’s Fandango, finished his American Championship as a pup and went to Japan where he won the Japanese Championship as well.

GCh Axcium’s Fabulocity – “Kimora”
American and Japanese Ch Axcium’s Fandango – “Django”

Spiffy’s third litter produced a beautiful little girl, Axium’s Pollyanna’s Protegee, or Pollyanna, who moved to Italy to my friends with the Auximum kennel. Pollyanna won her Italian, Luxembourg, Austrian, Slovenian, and International Championship, before she retired from the show scene and had four litters with a total of 19 puppies. 15 of her pups went on to become multi-champions. Sprightly like her mama, Pollyanna is now 11 years old and she’s still going strong, with clear eyes and no major health issues – and she’s only lost one tooth!

Spiffy had just two more puppies in her final litter. Her daughter now lives in Texas, and her son grew up to be Bronze Grand Champion Axcium’s Only The Brave (“Diesel”). Diesel won the breed from the classes and won several groups with very limited showing.

Bronze Grand Champion Axcium’s Only The Brave

Spiffy’s son Diesel is a natural show dog that has always loved to show off in the ring. He has now produced 4 American champions of his own, with several others on the way. His daughter Ch Axcium’s In It To Win It won Best of Winners at Westminster in 2019.

Ch Axcium’s In It To Win It – Best Of Winners at Westminster in 2019

A mother of champions, Spiffy was best known for her infamous piggy grunt. If Spiffy wanted something, she’d let you know by letting out a loud, distinct snort.
She was born in Texas, moved to Georgia where she spent the entirety of her career, and finally retired in California to live with her daughter, grandson and great-grandson.
Spiffy, you’ll always have a special place in our hearts!

4 generations: Pepper (grandson) Tallulah (great-granddaughter), Kimora (daughter) and Spiffy
Spiffy (on the left) and the pack lounging by the pool
Spiffy getting a bath while her daughter Kimora and grand-son Pepper observe
Spiffy peeking around the corner in her California garden

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