This is a section of the purchase contract that covers the guarantee for puppy buyers:

Axcium Miniature Schnauzers hereby guarantee the above described dog shall remain free of serious inherited defects that would affect its ability to function as a pet. In the case that such a defect should appear, upon verification by a qualified veterinarian, I shall refund the purchase price or replace the dog with one of equal or greater value, whichever the purchaser prefers. Also, if the dog comes up with a hereditary defect within five (5) years of date of birth, then the full purchase price will be refunded. The purchase price will be refunded upon written documentation from a licensed veterinarian and the dog has to be alive and available for inspection at Seller’s requests or to be scheduled for Seller’s Veterinarian of choice. If Axcium Miniature Schnauzers requests for a Veterinarian to examine said dog or bitch, Axcium Miniature Schnauzers will cover the cost of this veterinarian visit. Return of the dog is optional.

Should the situation arise that this dog must be placed in a new home,Axcium Miniature Schnauzers will take it back for the purpose of placement. Board will not be charged. Additional provisions: As part of this agreement, the parties also agree as follows:
Axcium Miniature Schnauzers intends to remain responsible for the welfare of every dog that Axcium Miniature Schnauzers have bred, sold or placed. This means Axcium Miniature Schnauzers will be available to aid the Buyer if and when the need presents itself. This is not limited to questions specifically about the breed, general dog care, general dog training, housebreaking, grooming. Axcium Miniature Schnauzers will also help to refer you to a veterinarian, groomer and training class in your area if needed.

If the Buyer, at any point in the dog’s life, is unable to keep it, he/she will inform Axcium Miniature Schnauzers who will assume the responsibility to take the dog back and/or find it a new home. If the Buyer finds the dog a new home, Axcium Miniature Schnauzers will be contacted and provided with the name, address and phone number of the new owner if requested to do so. It is understood clearly by both parties that the Buyer’s agrees without legal recourse to have the above mentioned puppy surgically spayed/neutered during the time frame above specified. Failure to do so will be a cause of breach of contract.
Note: the monetary value of a pet animal over two years of age may be substantially less than the original purchase price.

This guarantee is null and void upon any evidence of abuse or neglect. Chronic obesity and/or poor hygiene constitute neglect. To remain in effect, this dog must receive annual veterinary checkups and treatment as prescribed. This dog has been sold as pet stock only with sale subject to the signing of a American Kennel Club non-breeding agreement in the form of a limited registration form that will be checked by Breeder. Spay or Neuter Agreement and dates of enforcement: The Buyer agrees to spay/neuter the above mentioned puppy between 6 and 12 months of age or this and all guarantees/agreements will be void. The Buyer agrees to have the above-mentioned puppy surgically spayed/neutered by a licensed Veterinarian between the period of six to twelve months of age. Failure to do so will be a cause of breach of contract and this contract will be void and unable to enforce by Buyer’s at a later date. Buyer will provide by mail to Axcium Miniature Schnauzers proof of spay/neuter that will include receipt clearly stating nature of procedure and aftercare instructions from the licensed Veterinarian provider.

Breeding or failing to spay/neuter this dog in contravention of that agreement shall render all guarantees null and void.

All documents issued at Axcium Miniature Schnauzers are signed by all parties, witnessed and dated.