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The Miniature Schnauzers should be groomed every five to eight weeks to look their best. You can learn to do it yourself or you can let a professional handle it. Your breeder should be able to help directing you. If you choose to do it yourself you will quickly save the cost of the clipper and scissors needed. Even if you let a professional groom your Miniature Schnauzer, you still need to brush his leg furnishings and beard once weekly, and give him a bath whenever he gets dirty. You should also check his ears, teeth, and nails on a regular basis.

Miniature Schnauzers that are not being shown in the show ring are usually machine clippered. This process will in time change the structure of the coat from a wiry top coat to a soft silky coat, and usually the color fades as well.

The show dog needs to be hand stripped to maintain the proper wiry double coat. This requires a lot of hard work and can only be done by specially trained show groomers.

NEW: Picture serie on how to groom the schnauzer head (print out and bring to your pet groomer to get the right schnauzer look!)