Our Boys

Ch Axcium's Satyricon

New Champion Axcium’s Satyricon

Ricco had a lovely head, hard clear salt and pepper coat, great movement and a happy outgoing personality. Co-owned with Rochelle Wolfe. Ricco is the first champion for his dam Ch Axcium’s Third Time’s A Charm and the 4th champion for his sire Ch Auximum Federico Fellini for Axcium.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Satyricon

Ch Axcium's Moonshot

New Champion Axcium’s Moonshot

Fitz is a lovely black and silver boy with beautiful uncropped ears. He finished before the age of 1 on one coat. He has outstanding color, temperament and movement and he was a joy to show. Co-owned with the lovely Teresa Blanco. Fitz is the first champion for his dam Ch Axcium’s Flower Power and his sire Gch Axcium’s Starstruck.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Moonshot

GCh Axcium's Beast Mode

New Grand Champion Axcium’s Beast Mode

Monster (or Mr Mo) has a beautiful head, great coat, super movement from all angles and a great temperament. He finished both titles before the age of 2 with several Breed wins. Monster is the first champion for his dam Ch Axcium’s In It To Win It and the 3rd champion for his sire Ch Auximum Federico Fellini for Axcium.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Beast Mode

Miniature Schnauzer Ch Axcium's Love Bites from Cholets

New Champion Axcium’s Love Bites from Cholets

Wolfie finished in a heart-beat 😉 He has the hardest coat I have ever seen on a Miniature Schnauzer and he is ultra short backed with an outstanding temperament. Wolfie is bred by my friend Angela Martin at Cholet’s Miniature Schnauzers in Texas.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Love Bites from Cholets

Ch Axcium's Yokozuna

New GRAND Champion Axcium’s Yokozuna

Sumo finished quickly in 4 weekends. He has an exquisite head, short back, and ultra-hard clear salt and pepper coat. Sumo is the first champion for his mother Ch Axcium’s Smartass Sassypants, and he is co-owned with Janna DeBey

Pedigree for Axcium’s Yokozuna

GCH Axcium Son Of Anarchy

Jax got select dog at Eukanuba beating some of the top dogs in the country. He finished with all majors at 1 year of age. He’s a sound, outgoing dog that can be quite the handful at times 🙂

Jax is co-owned with Jan Seay.

Pedigree for Axcium Son Of Anarchy

GCH Axcium’s StarStruck

Striker finished both championships on one coat with only majors, he won Reserve at the main show of the year Montgomery, and he beat the number one miniature schnauzer in the country twice – all before the age of 1!!! Striker has an outstanding headpiece, a striking outline, great reach and drive, wonderful size, tailset and bone. He is the first champion for his dam GCH Axcium’s Star Witness. Co-owned with Robin Gatti Newbern.

Pedigree for Axcium’s StarStruck


Beauty and Brains: Finney is both a Confirmation Champion and an Agility Champion! He finished with 4 majors from the Bred-By class. He is a sound mover with a great head and an outstandingly black, hard coat. He is competing in Agility, Obedience and Rally with his co-owner Lisa Miller.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Shine On

Ch Axcium’s Drops Of Jupiter On Westphalia

Jupiter is the third champion for his sire GCh Axcium Mac Link’s Alive N Kicking. Co-owned with Doug Wert.

Pedigree for Jupiter

GCh Axcium Mac Link’s Alive N Kicking

Linus finished his Grand Championship quickly, beating the number 1 mini in the country several times. He is a sound, short-backed firecracker who’s been shown on a limited basis. He has already sired 3 champions, black/silver and salt/pepper. He was bred by Sussie and Ted Andreasson Weisbach in Sweden, kennel Mac Link’s. Linus is the 3rd champion for his dam Ch Axcium’s Kickass.

Pedigree for Axcium Mac Link’s Alive N Kicking

International, Italian, Slovenian, Austrian and San Marino Ch Axcium’s Italian Stallion

Sire has accumulated an impressive number of titles in Europe. He is enjoying life in Italy with Rossana & Francesco Stanislao (Auximum Miniature Schnauzers). Sire is the 3rd champion for his dam Ch Axcium’s and the 3rd champiopn for his sire GCHB Axcium’s Only The Brave.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Italian Stallion

Gch Cheantake Loverboy to Axcium

GCh Cheantake Loverboy to Axcium

Paxton is bred by Nora Ylikyla in Finland, kennel Cheantake.

Pedigree for GCh Cheantake Loverboy to Axcium

Ch Axcium’s Hellraiser

Hermes finished quickly on one coat before the age of 1. He is a sound mover from all directions, beautiful head, great coat, good bone, a natural showman who’s extremely outgoing and a true hellraiser! Hermes is the second chanpion for his sire GCH Axcium’s Only The Brave.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Hellraiser

Axcium’s Off The Wall

Wally is halfway to his championship with both majors. Coming out shortly to get his title. He’s co-owned with Kellye Lee.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Off The Wall

Ch Axcium’s Sherlock Holmes

Charlie won the breed over specials from the classes, and proceeded to win the terrier group and a major under judge Gary Durge. He is an ultra-sound mover from all directions, and has perfect uncropped ears. He is the second champion for his mother Ch Axcium’s Primadonna. Charlie is co-owned with Jeremy Smith.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Sherlock Holmes

Ch Axcium Mac Link’s Kick N Lick

Leo took forever to get his championship because he hates dogshows. Contrary to his brother Linus, he would do everything he could to sabotage a win. He is bred by Sussie and Ted Andreasson Weisbach in Sweden, and he’s the 4th champion for his dam Ch Axcium’s Kickass. Leo is living happily as a retiree in the Georgian countryside.

Pedigree for Axcium Mac Link’s Kick N Lick

Ch Auximum Federico Fellini for Axcium

Ch Auximum Federico Fellini for Axcium

Fellini is a return puppy from my friends in Italy, he finished quickly, has an outstanding salt and pepper coat, beautiful head, short back, and clean coming and going. He has sired several champions and has more on the way.

Pedigree for CH Auximum Federico Fellini for Axcium

Ch Axcium's Taking No Bull winning Best of Winners at Eukanuba in 2013
Ch Axcium's Taking No Bull winning Best of Winners at Eukanuba in 2013

Ch Axcium’s Taking No Bull

Taurus won a major only 7 months old at the prestigious Eukanuba show in Florida. He finished easily with 3 majors in a few months of showing before the age of 1. Ultra-sound with a gorgeous head, great bone and structure. This handsome young fellow is co-owned with Brittney Fisher-Holloway

Pedigree for Axcium’s Taking No Bull

Ch Axcium’s Sgt. Pepper

Pepper finished with five majors! Beautiful dog that comes and goes perfectly clean, coat hard as nails, short backed and a black/silver carrier. He’s the first champion for his dam Ch Axcium’s Fabulosity. Pepper is co-owned with my dear Bret Love 🙂

Pedigree for Axcium’s Sgt. Pepper

CH Axcium’s Ty The Terrible

Ty is a small stylish salt and pepper male with an outstanding coat, and lots of personality! He is co-owned with Michael and Nichole Donaldson.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Ty The Terrible

Ch Axcium’s Louie Louie

Louie finished quickly at 1 year of age: ultra-sound from all angles and almost more outgoing than we can handle 🙂 He won Sweeps under breeder-judge Linda Drost at the famous Montgomery show, and he finished with 4 majors with low priority showing.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Louie Louie

Bronze Grand Champion: Axcium’s Only The Brave

Diesel has numerous group wins and has sired several champions. He finished quickly before the age of 2 with very limited showing and numerous breed-wins from the classes. He is a powerfully built dog with an eye-catching profile, beautiful head, and personality plus: a born showman and clown, loves to show off in the ring, charming everyone that crosses his path. Diesel is the third champions for his mother Ch Axcium’s Sweet Polly Purebread, and he has sired 5 champions himself with more on the way.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Only The Brave

Ch Axcium Mac Link’s Badass

Jasper finished quickly with limited showing, going breed from the classes numerous times. His coat is best described as an outstanding standard schnauzer coat, he was born with a rolled jacket and has therefore never been stripped to the skin. He has produced several lovely litters where he seems to pass on his incredible coat and fabulous personality. Jasper was bred by Suzanne and Ted Weizbach, kennel Mac Link in Sweden.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium Mac Link’s Badass

GCh Axcium’s Paramount

Riley had a remarkable start on his show career. On his first weekend out he went breed from the classes all 4 days and proceeded to get two Group 4 placements. He also won reserve at the prestigious Hatboro show. He finished his championship with limited showing in two months only 1 year old, going Breed from the classes over 4 specials including the number 1 miniature schnauzer in the US. Fabulous mover from all directions, striking outline and lovely temperament. This 13.5 inch tall black and silver carrier has drawn a lot of favourable attention.

Pedigree for GCH Axcium’s Paramount

Multi Ch Axcium's Pavarotti

Italian Champion, European Junior Winner and Mediterranean Young Winner 2010: Axcium’s Pavarotti

Pavarotti has done very well for himself in the showring: European Junior Ch, Vesuvio Junior Winner, Mediterranean Junior Winner, Italian Junior Champion, Austrian Junior Champion, Luxemburg Junior Champion, Italian Champion, Selection AA. He is enjoying life in Italy with Fabio Ferrari at the famous Schedir kennel

Pedigree for Multi Ch Axcium’s Pavarotti

International, Italian, Swiss, Luxenbourg, Danish, Slovenian Champion: Axcium’s Yes I Can

Bama had a great start on his show career with BIS3 in Denmark, Group1 in Italy (Macerata), and multiple breedwins all over Europe. He rapidly accumulated an impressive number of titles: San Marino junior Champion, Luxembourg junior Champion, Italian junior Club Champion, Italian junior Champion, Vesuvio Junior Winner 2010, Mediterranean Junior Winner 2010, Selectioned AA, Champion of Luxembourg, CIS&P junior Champion 2010, Danish Champion, Italian Champion, Italian Club Champion 2011, Slovenian Champion, Slovenian Winner 2012, International Champion, Italian Top Dog 2011, Swiss Champion, CIS&P Champion 2011!!! He is enjoying life in Italy with Francesco, Sahyara, and Rossana at kennel Auximum

Pedigree for International Multi Ch Axcium’s Yes I Can

Am JP FCI Ch Axcium’s Fandango

Django finished in Raleigh, NC spring of 2010. He picked up a 4 point major at the Atlanta Miniature Schnauzer Club’s Specialty as a baby-puppy – only 6 months and 6 days old! Django is the first champions for his mother Ch Axcium’s Sweet Polly Purebread. He lives with Fumiko Namioka in Japan where he got his Japanese and FCI championship.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Fandango

Ch Axcium’s Toreador

Escamilo must be the sweetest dog in the whole world. He’s not bad looking either, he finished easily from the Bred-By class with three majors, he won a 5-point major and group1 BBE at the prestigeous International Kennel Club show in Chicago in Feb -09. He has a gorgeous head, perfect tailset, stallion-like carriage, and great movement. Escamilo is co-owned by Kellye Lee in Florida.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Toreador

Ch Axcium's Paso Doble

Ch Axcium’s Paso Doble

Paco has an outstanding coat and a flawless topline, fantastic head, wide rear, great bone and forechest. He was shown at the Florida Circuit in January -09 where he picked up 8 points including his two majors. He got all but two points on one coat. Paco is the 6th champion for his mother Repitition’s Trump This

I have no idea why I was found deserving of being put in touch with two of the most wonderful dog parents anyone could wish for – Bob and Kathy Ramsay. They came out of nowhere and asked for a dog at a time when times where tough and Paco needed special attention. This turned out to be a perfect match, not only did they provide the moral support young Paco needed, they also went out of their way to make sure he was conditioned exactly as I requested. Kathy even embarked upon the nearly impossible task of stripping him herself after having observed me do it once, and low and behold, her first attempt was good enough for him to pick up 13 of his 15 championship points!
Bob and Kathy, words cannot express how happy and grateful I am that our paths crossed. People like you make it all worth while.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Paso Doble

Swedish and American Ch Axcium’s ClearedForTakeOff

Pilot went best of opposite at the World Show in Stockholm 2008 in an entry of 177 black and silver miniature schnauzers.
He was awarded his 4th major in March -08 by judge Mrs. Patricia Trotter, which completed his championship title in the US. (Mrs. Trotter who is the author of the great book ‘Breed to Succeed’ also awarded Pilot’s mother a major). He was shown from start to finish from the Bred-By class.
Pilot is owned by Ted and Sussie Kennel Mac Links in Sweden

Pedigree for Sw Am Ch Axcium’s ClearedForTakeoff

International, Baltic, Finnish, Swedish, Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian Champion, FinnSieger, Estonian Junior Winner-08
Axcium’s American Idol

Sisu gained his titles easily with very limited showing. Groupwinner in Sweden. Crazy, super-coated, great size. He is the fifth champions for his mother Ch Axcium’s Sweet Polly Purebread. Sisu lives with my friends Nora and Markku in Finland, kennel Cheantake

Pedigree for International Multi Ch Axcium’s American Idol

Grand Ch Axcium’s SuperFly

Deogee finished his Grand Championship thanks to co-owners Carl & Carol Benson in 2011. He finished easily with 4 majors in April 2007. He had a great debut as a 7 month old and is pictured with his first major above. A big THANK YOU to Bill Brown (Gangway Miniature Schnauzers) for putting the last major on Deogee, and to Carol and Carl Benson in Texas for providing a super home. ( – and for all of you who ask me about his name: it’s D-O-G!).

Pedigree for GCH Axcium’s SuperFly

Ch Axcium’s Lil Bow Wow

Louis finished with 4 majors and 17 points from the puppy class in April 2006, going Best of Breed over specials. This brings his mother into the ranks of the top-producers, as he’s her third champion.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Lil Bow Wow

Norwegian and Swedish Ch Norwegian Winner-04-06 Top Schnauzer-04 Axcium’s Casanova

Cosmo was shown once in 2006 and got BOB at the most prestigeous show in Norway where he also qualified for Crufts! He got his champion title quickly and has today several breed wins, group wins and BIS placements. He was Norway’s most winning Miniature Schnauzer in 2004. Cosmo lives in Norway where he is professionally handled and cared for by my good friend and co-owner Kent Olsen.

Pedigree for Sw Nor Ch Axcium’s Cassanova