Our Girls

Up and coming: Blue Moon’s Tickled Pink for Axcium

Pinky is a lovely dog with an amazingly hard and black coat, beautiful head, short back, and killer show attitude. Pinky is bred by my dear friends Marie and Jim Murphy. She will be the first champion for her sire Ch Axcium’s Taking No Bull.

Pedigree for Blue Moon’s Tickled Pink for Axcium

Axcium's Queen Of Hearts - Salt/Pepper Miniature Schnauzer

New Champion: Axcium’s Queen Of Hearts

Petunia is the funniest dog ever, she is so sweet and has sooo much personality. She is a tiny powerhouse with tons of style. First time in the ring she refused to take a single step. In 35 years of showing I have never had that happen! Second day she walked half the ring, and third day she won 🙂 She is the 5th champion for her mother Ch Axcium’s Flower Power, and the 3rd champion for her sire Ch Axcium’s Love Bites From Cholets.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Queen Of Hearts

Ch Axcium’s McLaren Girl

Mercedes finished her championship before the age of 1. Even salt-pepper, pretty head and expression, sound mover.

Pedigree for Axcium’s McLaren Girl

Ch Axcium’s Unforgettable

Perlina is the 4th champion for her mother Ch Axcium’s In It To Win It.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Unforgettable

Ch Axcium's Flower Child - Daffodil - Black and silver miniature schnauzer

Ch Axcium’s Flower Child

Daffodil is a solid black and silver with great movement. She is the 3rd champion for her mother Ch Axcium’s Flower Power and the second champion for her sire GCh Axcium’s Starstruck.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Flower Child

Ch Axcium’s Dolce Vita

Evita is probably one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever had. Lovely personality, feminine and happy to show. She is the 5th champion for her sire Ch Auximum’s Federico Fellini For Axcium and the second champion for her mother Ch Axcium’s Third Time’s The Charm.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s La Dolce Vita

Ch Axcium’s Sweet Surprise

Lollipop has a gorgeous head, expression, and neck transition, short body and great coat color. Very funn quirky dog, always happy and full of mischief! She is the 5th champion for her sire GCHB Axcium’s Only The Brave.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Sweet Surprise

Ch Axciums Crazyass

Ch Axcium’s Crazyass

Sumatra is a lovely true salt and pepper with hard, even colored coat. She is sound, with excellent outline and tailset, beautiful feminine expression. She is the 2nd champion for her dam Ch Axcium’s Smartass Sassypants and the 3rd champion for her sire Ch Auximum Federico Fellini for Axcium.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Crazyass

Ch Axcium's Third Time's A Charm

Ch Axcium’s Third Time’s A Charm

Gwennie finished with 3 majors on one coat! Always the life of the party – she’s a happy outgoing dog with tons of personality. Very sound coming and going, great coat and beautiful outline. Gwennie is co-owned by my good friend Lisa Miller.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Third Time’s A Charm

Ch Axcium’s In It To Win It

Sazzy finished with 4 majors and she won Best Of Winners at Westminister 2019. Sazzy never met a stranger and is always up for fun. Sound, feminine, with great rollable coat, she’s on the smaller side. She is the fifth champion for her sire GCHB Axcium’s Only The Brave

Pedigree for Axcium’s In It To Win It

Ch Cheantake No Mercy At Axcium

Mazy is a big, sound and short-backed girl that carries the black and silver gene. Mazy is the first champion for her mother Ch Axcium’s Excellenzia, and she comes from my good friend Nora in Finland

Pedigree for Cheantake No Mercy At Axcium

Ch Axcium’s Flower Power

Daizy finished her championship with reccord speed in 3 weekends! She won breed from the classes beating the #1 Miniature Schnauzer in the country and got a Group4. Daizy is just a lovely girl all around: sound and typey with an impeccable temperament. Daizy is the first champion for her mother Ch Axcium’s Breakout, and the fourth champion for her sire GCHB Axcium’s Only The Brave.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Flower Power

Ch Axcium’s Daddy’s Girl

Marlo was left behind in order to finish client dogs, but she finished with 3 majors in Nov 2016. Beautiful head, expression and outline, light and even salt and pepper coat, sound mover from all directions, big forechest, big body. Marlo is the third champion for her mother Ch Axcium’s Primadonna, and she is co-owned with my dear Bret Love.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Daddy’s Girl

AGILITY Ch Axcium’s Craziass High Jinx RN MX MXB MXJ MJB XF T2B2 CGC

Jinx is the first Axcium dog to become an agility champion, and needless to say we are over the moon by her accomplishments! She was the smallest puppy in the litter, to the point where I didn’t want to dock her tail. But her temperament quickly made up for her size: she was by far the bravest, most active and inquisitive puppy of them all! Jinx never met a stranger and her long bushy tail wags constantly 🙂 Trained and loved by Teresa Duran and Susan Westergard

Pedigree for Axcium’s Craziass High Jinx

Ch Axcium’s Breakout

Zeda finished at the prestigious Hatboro Dogshow in PA under breed-specialist judge Masami Uryu, beating 23 class females for a 5 point major. Zeda is our baby – always getting in trouble, always staying busy, and always happy – a true show-machine. Co-owned with Kevin King.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Breakout

Ch Axcium’s Smartass Sassypants

Lexie won a 5-point major at the prestigious Eukanuba show, beating 5 champions, and she finished quickly thereafter. Lexie has an exquisite head and expression, short back, and nice, even salt and pepper coat. Lexie co-owned by Susan S Westergard and Teresa Duren – the best co-owners anyone could ask for!!!

Pedigree for Axcium’s Smartass Sassypants

Grand Ch Axcium’s Star Witness

Star won a major the first day she was ever shown from the 6-9 month puppy class! She won a puppy-group and puppy BIS in Perry, GA. Her temperament is outstanding, she’s short backed and very well balanced. Star is co-owned with the lovely Frederique Schrade in FL.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Star Witness

Ch Bravo’s Axcium Major Point

Kate is the first champion for her dam Ch Axcium’s Primadonna. Kate is owned by Donna Hills, Bravo Miniature Schnauzers

Pedigree for Ch Bravo’s Axcium Major Point

Am Ch BALT, EE, LV & LT CH, BALT, EE, LV & LT JCH, TLNJW’13, BALTW-13, EEW-14 Axcium’s Excellenzia

Ztella must be the happiest, most outgoing dog in the whole world – a natural born showdog! She won a whole bunch of European titles before coming back to the US to get her American championship. Ztella is the third champion for her dam Ch Cheantake Axcium’s Extravanganza. She is owned by my good friends Nora Ylikyla and Markku Vuorinen in Finland (Cheantake Miniature Schnauzers).

Pedigree for CH Axcium’s Excellenzia

Ch Bravo’s Axcium Point

Spice was a joy to show and she finished in three weekends with four majors! She is the second champion for her dam Ch Cheantake Axcium’s Extravaganza, and she’s owned by Donne Hills, Bravo Miniature Schnauzers.

Pedigree for CH Bravo’s Axcium Point

Ch Axcium’s Learning To Love

Paloma had a great start on her showcareer when whe won breed over specials from the puppy class. She is a solid girl with great movement, striking head and outline. She’s the second champion for her dam Ch Axcium’s Fabulosity.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Learning To Love

Ch Axcium’s Summer Love at Carmel

Sandy finished with record speed in less than two months at the tender age of 10 months! She won two of her three majors at the prestigious Great Western show in Long Beach, CA, and picked up several group placements on her short journey to the championship. Sandy is owned by Carma Ewer at Carmel Miniature Schnauzers in Utah.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Summer Love at Carmel

CH Axcium’s Born To Be Wild

Gracie (nicknamed Crazy-Gracie) is the love of my life. Her extremely outgoing personality and excitement about life is contagious. Although a brat and a handful she is the natural born show dog, so correctly built she never puts a paw down in the wrong place. She finished quickly with very limited showing, going breed from the puppy class over champions.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Born To Be Wild

CH Axcium’s Nolo Contendere

Nolo is an adorable and ultra-spoiled black and silver girl with beautiful uncropped ears. The ears are ofcourse complicating the whole championship process, but luckily enough judges were able to appreciate her despite her uncropped look. Nolo is co-owned with Richard Schrade.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Nolo Contendere

Ch Axcium Mac Link’s Smartass

Beautiful Summer finished with 3 majors and a Group 1 win! She won 2 groups and a group 3 on her last show weekend. Summer has a type, head and expression to die for, and her personality is sweet and gentle. Summer is a return pup from her mother: Swedish American Ch Axcium’s Kickass. She was bred by Suzanne and Ted Weizbach, kennel Mac Link in Sweden.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium Mac Link’s Smartass

Ch Axcium’s Primadonna

Nadine is a sound girl with a beautiful head and great bone, she is the second champion for her mother Ch Axcium’s Je Dis.

Pedigree for Axcium’s Primadonna

GCh Axcium’s Fabulosity

Kimora is a tomboy – simply superb temperament. Pictured above winning her first major in Salem, VA, and below at the Florida circuit, one entry short of a major. She finished her Grand Championship with record speed in 3 shows, quite an accomplishment with uncropped ears. Kimora is the second champion for her mother Ch Axcium’s Sweet Polly Purebread.

Pedigree for GCH Axcium’s Fabulosity

Ch Cheantake Axcium Extravaganza

Zazza finished with 3 majors, including a 4 point major from the prestigeous Devon dogshow. She’s a sound, tall bitch with an outgoing personality. Zazza combines my American and Norwegian breeding program as she’s the daughter of Multi Ch Axcium’s Miss America and the granddaughter of Multi Ch BånnGass Whisky Sour, and she’s named after her great grand mother who was the foundation bitch for my Norwegian line: Ch Motown’s Zazza Gabor. She has 5 champion offspring, with more on the way! Zazza is bred by Nora and Markku, kennel Cheantake.

Pedigree for Ch Cheantake Axcium Extravaganza

INTERNATIONAL Champion: Multi Ch Axcium Pollyanna’s Protegee

Polly has swept up an incredible number of European titles in her young life: Luxembourg junior Champion, Austrian Klubjugensieger, Austrian junior Champion, Austrian Bundjugendssieger, Vesuvio Junior Winner 2010, Mediterranean Junior Winner 2010, Italian junior Champion, Selectioned AA, CIS&P junior Champion 2010, Slovenian Junior Champion, Italian Champion, Austrian Klubsieger, Luxembourg Champion, CIS&P Champion 2011, German Klubsieger and now International Champion!!! Polly is the fourth champions for her mother Ch Axcium’s Sweet Polly Purebread. She is enjoying life in Italy with Francesco, Sahyara, and Rossana at kennel Auximum

Pedigree for International Multi Ch Axcium Pollyanna’s Protegee

Ch Axcium’s Je Dis

Michaela is a 13.5 inch tall girl that never met a stranger. Ultra sound, feminine with fabulous color, she finished in July-10 and got both her majors after having her first litter.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Je Dis

Swedish American Champion Axcium’s KickAss

Kizzie finished with 4 majors in fall of 2009. She won reserve at Devon. In June 08 she flew over to Sweden to compete at the World Show and meet her new family at MacLink’s kennel. She won one certificate in strong competition at the Swedish Miniature Schnauzer Specialty the day before the World Show. Only one female beat her – her own half-sister: Ch Axcium’s Miss America. Kizzie is the 7th champion for her mother Ivanca.

Pedigree for Sw Am Ch Axcium’s Kickass

Ch Axcium’s Rise & Shine

Shiny excites me. She’s a beautiful, hyper-active black and silver power-package just like her mother. Dead-sound mover from all directions, flawless topline, gorgeous head, and plenty attitude. She picked up both her majors in two weekends of showing. She won Best Of Winners at the prestigeous Hatboro show and reserve at Montgomery. She finished with 4 majors and 2 singles.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Rise And Shine

International Champion, World Winner-08, International, American, Swedish, Baltic, Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Champion, Swedish & Estonian W-08, Est W-09
Axcium’s Miss America

Missy arrived back in her native country in Jan-09 and completed her American Championship with reccord speed: in one week and 1 day she compiled a Group1, five majors and 17 breedpoints! This makes her the 5th champion for her mother: Repitition’s Trump This

Missy went Best of Breed at the World Show in Stockholm in 2008, beating 134 competitors. She has had an unbelievably successful show career in her short life. She went breed from the classes at the prestigeous Swedish Winner show in January 08 and the international show in March, thereby achieving her third title: Swedish and Lithuanian Champion.
Missy made her debut 9 months old at the Swedish Winner show in Stockholm in December 2007 where she won the certificate on her first show ever, in competition with 20 others. She thereby qualified for Crufts 2007, but because her ears are cropped she cannot be show there. At her next show one month later she hit a Grand Slam going BOB from the junior class over specials (including Swedens top winning mini), and then BOS the second day in Götheborg. Missy lives with my good friends Nora and Markku in Finland, kennel Cheantake.

Pedigree for International Multi Ch Axcium’s Miss America

Swedish American Ch Axcium’s Million Dollar Baby

BabyGirl is a big bodied, sound moving girl with a fantastic coat. She finished in 2007 with 3 majors.

Pedigree for Sw Am Ch Axcium’s Million Dollar Baby

Ch Axcium’s Sweet Polly Purebread

Spiffy finished with 17 points including a 5 point major in Fort Worth, TX in March-06. Above shown going Best of Breed from the Puppy Class under judge Mr. Norman Patton.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Sweet Polly Purebread

Ch Axcium’s Carmina Burana

Carmina finished with 17 poins and a 4 point major i March -06. This is the most passionate dog I have ever met. A true Schnauzer, not easily bribed or bought, but once you’ve earned her love she will die for you.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Carmina Burana

American Estonian Ch Axcium’s Cavalleria Rusticana

Callas finished easily 11 months old with 4 majors, 18 points, and BOB over specials from the puppy class. This girl has plenty beauty and brains.

Pedigree for Ch Axcium’s Cavalleria Rusticana

Swedish Ch Axcium’s Cosmopolitan

Nala got her Swedish championship and a group 4 in August 2006. She lives in Norway where she is professionally handled and cared for by my good friend and co-owner Kent Olsen. Because of her docked tail she cannot be shown in Norway.

Pedigree for Sw Ch Axcium’s Cosmopolitan

Repetition’s Trumph This

Ivanca has natural ears. That turned out to be a mistake. She has been shown a million times without picking up a single point! American judges seems to have problems getting past the fact that she never was cropped. But she got her revenge, proving what top-quality girl she is through her kids. She’s a top producer, her daughter Ch Axcium’s Kickass is her 7th champion, she’s the mother of World Winner Axcium’s Miss America (now her 5th American Champion), and the grandmother of World Winner Ch Axcium’s ClearedForTakeOff.