The Miniature Schnauzer is a wonderfully friendly and lively companion: intelligent, curious, alert, spirited and courageous. He’s playful and affectionate, learns quickly, and does not shed (which makes him suitable for most people allergic to dogs). A Miniature Schnauzer should never be overaggressive, timid, shy or vicious. He is successfully used in obedience, agility, and earthdog trials. He will easily adapt to your lifestyle: if you live in the city where space and room for exercise is limited he will adjust, if you live in the country or like to go for long walks he’s an excellent companion and will have no problems keeping up with you. The Miniature Schnauzer needs to be kept as part of the family. He should not be left alone for long hours on a regular basis. He wants to live as part the family and come along whenever something happens.

He’s got the look!

The miniature schnauzer is a sharp looking, robust little dog, nearly square in body proportions. He is in no way toyish, but heavy and muscular. When groomed correctly he has wiry outer coat, whiskers and leg furnishings. He comes in three different colors: pepper and salt (gray with white beard and furnishings), black and silver (black with white beard and furnishings), and all black. The shoulder height should be between 12 – 14 inches (or 30 – 36 cm), and the weight is about 11 to 20 lbs. All other colors are disqualified, and there is no recognized breed named ‘Toy Schnauzer’.

To crop or not to crop?

The Miniature Schnauzer is supposed to be ear cropped according to the American Kennel Club breed standard. You can still show a dog that’s uncropped, but it is usually easier to show a dog that is cropped. The ears does change the appearance of the dog quite a bit as seen on the picture above. The two mini scnauzers in the picture are the same age, but clearly shows the difference with or without cropped ears (the miniature schnauzer on the left has natural (uncropped ears), then one on the right has cropped ears). To read more about how to tape the cropped ears to train them to stand, read this article.


The Miniature Schnauzer originated in Germany, and can be recognized in pictures dating back to the 15th century. The breed was shown in dog shows as early as 1899. The miniature schnauser is a smaller version of the Standard Schnauzer, supposedly produced by breeding Affenpinschers and Poodles to small specimens of the Standard Schnauzer. It was not originally bred to ‘go-to-ground’ for prey like many of the other terriers, he will gladly chase rodents.

Allergic to dogs?

If you or someone in your family is allergic to dogs, you should try to interact with a miniature schnauser to see what reactions it triggers in your case. The Miniature Schnauzer sheds very little, and has proved to be acceptable for many who have allergic reactions to other breeds. But make sure that you spend enough time with a Miniature Schnauzer to really determine if you will be able to interact with one on a regular basis, BEFORE you decide to get one of your own. There is nothing worse than discovering that you actually are allergic to the dog AFTER you have acquired one.
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